The Wôlinak Abenaki Council, owner of the Résidence au Soleil de Levant de Précieux-Sang, has announced that the services of the Résidence au Soleil Levant will be improved and oriented more towards a semi-autonomous or frail clientele, particularly towards people living with cognitive disorders.

This new orientation is intended first of all to respond to the pressing need to integrate new residents living with Alzheimer’s disease. “The increasing prevalence of disease and other major neurocognitive disorders is a major challenge for society and we are aware of the need to adapt services for these people to the Residence in the Rising Sun,” says Band Council Executive Director Dave Bernard. “That is why we have decided to redevelop Pavilion C on the second floor, just like Pavilion A on the first floor.

“The residence has five pavilions, including 17 people residing in Pavilion A, and this number could increase to 32 people with the addition of Pavilion C. In addition, the D/E Pavilion can accommodate people with mild cognitive impairments or semi-autonomous or frail people up to 34 people. While Pavilion B is reserved for respite or convalescent beds (5 people),” says Bernard.

“What distinguishes our residence from others is that we can offer our residents the opportunity to change pavilions according to their level of care until the end of their lives. In addition, our residence can accommodate up to six couples, despite their different health care services, the most important factor for us is that they can stay together no matter what. This is part of our values and that’s where our favourite phrase “C comme à la maison” comes into its own,” adds Executive Director Martine Pépin.

Over the past year, major changes have been made to the residence, including the management of nursing care, the arrival of new bath attendants, the hiring of new resources as an attendant, the revival of a homemade kitchen with our cooks on site, etc.

And, these changes will continue on the second floor with the upgrading to the standards for the reception of new residents in Pavilion C, specialized with people with neurocognitive disorders and Alzheimer’s disease. “When it comes to standards, the following requirements must be met: 24-hour supervision, nursing care, sprinklers, closed guard station, code runaway door and the provision of a pleasant and motivating living environment. The redevelopment of Pavilion C will specifically meet the standards,” explains Ms. Pepin.

In short, as of July 1, the residence will be able to accommodate seven new residents and families interested in visiting the site are invited to contact the Executive Director, Martine Pepin, at 819-294-1161, ext. 1. As well, the residence is looking for rare pearls to fill its team of beneficiary attendants for the reopening of Pavilion C.

Source: Le Courrier Sud

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