FNCFCS means First Nations Child and Family Services, a community social service program dispensed by the Grand Conseil de la Nation Waban-Aki.


  • That First Nations Child and Family Services offers a full range of services in Odanak and Wôlinak;
  • That our services are FREE and are offered wherever you prefer receiving them;
  • That a team of trained and qualified workers is there for you and are have the obligation to safeguard your privacy;
  • That there is a Family Hall in each community where you can come for a coffee, to participate in workshops and activities or just chat;
  • That you can suggest activities and workshops to the community organizers working in the communities;
  • That our services are offered for families, children, teenagers, parents and grand-parents.


”…my teen has behaviour issues…”

”…I feel my child is not developing properly… ”

”…my personal relationship and my family life don’t seem to be going anywhere…”

”…my child doesn’t do any homework…”

”…I feel like attending workshops, conferences to obtain more information…”

”…I just would like to talk to someone without making any commitment…”

”…I feel alone, isolated and I would like to talk with someone…”

”…Youth Protection (DPJ) has contacted me and I need assistance to look after this situation…”